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Gazebo soon to be gone

The gazebo at 23 East College in Uptown Westerville will soon be gone.

The building has been sold and its original owner wants to take the gazebo with him when he leaves. The new owner promises a replacement that will be as noticeable and useful as the small performance space but has not  yet said what it will be.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church recently moved across the street into the house that once was the home for Flowers by Doris after its restoration was completed by realtor Bonnie Dalrymple.

She bought the house across the street and adjacent to the old church building which she plans to restore and make her new office. 

Winners of an online auction retrieved their winnings from the house Monday afternoon.

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Gary Gardiner

Former newspaper and Associated Press photographer. Instructor at Westerville Center for Photography. Owns SmallTown Stock, the Reasonably Rights Managed stock photo agency. Founder and Director for The American Scene Project, a heritage project dedicated to exhibiting and preserving photography of everyday American life.

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Editor's Note: The photo above is the barn on the Braun Farm at Cleveland and Cooper. It is one of the 50 Places To Photograph in Westerville.

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