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Author: Gary Gardiner

The wild things about Westerville

Westerville Animal Control Officer Kim Stambaugh begins her presentation about wild animals in Westerville with slides and a video of Skunks, the most common animal in the city and the subject of the most complaints from residents. Stambaugh discussed how best to handle wild animals during a public presentation at City...

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City Hall Courtyard to get new Prohibition art

Members of the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association got their first look at the new fountain planned for the new plaza at City Hall. The structure, composed of sections of a rock cleaved into halves by a vertical pillar with portions of a broken barrel at the top, will sit at the southeast of the courtyard near State Street.

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Braun Farm marker exposed

Monday’s grass cutting at the Braun Farm exposed the 1882 marker stone that sits between the barn and the old farmhouse on the property. Dried weeds from the winter had obscured the unusual stone.

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Smothers Rd. bridge work on schedule

Workers today checked the inventory against the architects plans to assure each new piece was available for Tuesday’s work schedule. The bridge is expected to be completed in July with the exact date depending on weather.

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