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Kevin Scott runs his combine through soybeans in the field of the Backus Farm on Tussic Road.

The Backus Farm on Tussic Road – Westerville Obscura

Last Farm on Spring/Tussic Roads

Farmer Kevin Scott ran his combine through soybeans with some still slightly damp from morning dew on the Backus Farm, the last working farm on Spring and Tussic Roads.

Neighbors say they remember when other property on Spring and Tussic was farmed with the most recent being corn on fields near Eagle Trace Drive but that was years ago.

Scott says it is the only farm he works that isn’t for sale.

Passersby can see several old barns along the roads. The nearest is across the street about 200 yards away. Another was recently refurbished on the small piece of land immediately adjacent to the farm.

Owner Tim Backus, who inherited the farm from his family, will continue to farm the land telling Scott that it never be for sale as long as he is alive. Backus is moving back from Wisconsin into the farmhouse on the edge of the woods that anchor the southeast corner of the 17 acres when carpenters finish expanding the house.

Scott was eager to get the beans into grain elevators so he could switch the combine to harvest corn on the land he farms near Westar on Africa Road in Westerville.

The yield for this year is better than last years crop because of an extra application of fertilizer and wider rows to keep the ground from holding moisture causing mold to grow damaging the crop.

Despite the larger harvest Scott is considering planting hay next year as it might give him a better profit than traditional corn and soybeans. Some of his hay this year had five cuts before the end of summer.

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles titled “”Westerville Obscura” highlighting the unusual, odd, and important in Westerville and its neighbors in the Westerville Zip Code.


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