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Contractors remove sections of the steel structure for the old karaoke business at the corner of Sunbury and Smothers Roads. The building was used to house construction equipment while Sunbury Road was being rebuilt and is now being removed to make way for green space for Westerville.

Disassembling, demolition, and greenspace

Workers are slowly removing the steel structure for the building at Sunbury Road and Smothers Road that most recently housed a karaoke business.

The City of Westerville bought the property as part of the widening of the intersection when Sunbury Road between Smothers and Maxtown Roads was widened. The original plan was to buy a small portion of the right-of-way but eventually bought the entire property.

The contractor for the road project agreed to remove the building at no cost at the end of the project if the city would permit it to store equipment during road construction. The city agreed and the building is now coming down. About half the steel structure is being disassembled with plans to use it for a new storage structure on the contractor’s shop property. The remainder will go to a recycler.

A new green space

Once the property is cleared it will become a green space built and maintained by Westerville. A bike path connects the adjacent parking lot to Westerville’s bike and walk path system.

A new path was built on the east side of Sunbury Road from Smothers to Red Bank Park at the end of Maxtown Road. The parking lot is owned by Columbus.

The new green space, the adjacent house and gardening center, and the Hondros College office are all in the City of Westerville. There are no development plans for any of the other properties.


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Gary Gardiner

Former newspaper and Associated Press photographer. Instructor at Westerville Center for Photography. Owns SmallTown Stock, the Reasonably Rights Managed stock photo agency. Founder and Director for The American Scene Project, a heritage project dedicated to exhibiting and preserving photography of everyday American life.

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  1. Angie Scheu

    Darn! I was hoping the steel structure could be converted to a new covered “pavilion” for the Westerville Farmer’s Market. I had submitted that as a suggestion to the farmer’s market a few weeks back, but I guess plans were already in motion. Thank you, Gary, for giving us the “scoop”! I always enjoy your updates around town!


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