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Good news at Panera, Starbucks, and State Street – with corrections

Editors Note: This information has changed. The story is inaccurate.

The new entrance into the shopping center does not connect to the Starbucks parking lot. The Starbucks entrance and exit is unchanged.

The new entrance connects only to the shopping center.


New entrance to ease traffic woes on State Street

Contractors have begun the final project of the State Street and Schrock Road intersection to add the new entrance into the shopping center with Panera adjacent to Starbucks.

The new roadway required agreement between two property owners and took almost four years from the start of the rebuilding project before a decision was made over design, costs, and responsibility.

Two contractors will be making the changes. 

One contractor will build the new roadway from the sidewalk into the Starbucks parking lot and connect it to the shopping center lot. It will require laying new storm sewers and underground electric for lighting. 

A second contractor will install a right-turn-only driveway at the existing driveway at Panera.

Shopping Center entrances

When completed, the only entrances on State Street to the shopping center with Panera will be at the new traffic signal and at the Shell Station. The existing entrance will become right-turn-only. The driveways on Schrock into the center will not change.

Shopping Center  and Starbucks exits

Exits from the shopping center to State Street will be at the new intersection, the new right-turn-only lane at the current driveway, and the existing driveway at the Shell station on the corner of State and Schrock.

When will it happen?

Crews have already begun the landscaping and are preparing to begin storm sewer installation. The new roadway into the shopping center needs to be completed before it can be connected to the Panera lot. 

Expect to see construction crews within the next week. The project is expected to be completed in about 60 days.


How it will work

Going South on State?

  • Turn into Starbucks, Panera, and the shopping center at the new intersection or into the shopping center at the existing driveway by Shell.
  • Use the right-turn-only driveway to go South or the new intersection with traffic signals.

Want to go North on State?

  • Use the new intersection with traffic signals at Starbucks. 
  • Exit left onto Schrock by Roush Hardware and turn left at State Street.

Starbucks coffee required from State Street?

  • Use the traffic signal at the new entrance. 


Corrections and Additions

The second contractor will build the new right-turn-exit from the shopping center lot. It will not be involved in rebuilding the existing parking lot, only making connectors to it.






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