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Kroger begins checkout-free shopping

Kroger begins checkout-free shopping

The Kroger store on Schrock Road began Tuesday using the “Scan, Bag, Go” service that allows customers to bypass checkout lines by scanning barcodes as each item is placed in their cart and pay without needing assistance before leaving the store.

Kroger representatives at the store said it is the first complete installation of the new service in any Kroger store. Some stores in the Cincinnati area were part of an earlier test for the service. The Kroger in Westerville is the first of 29 stores in Columbus that will get the system.

The Kroger store on Schrock Road began Tuesday using the “Scan, Bag, Go” service.

Customers wanting to use the new process can choose to use a hand-held scanner supplied by Kroger or by installing the “Scan, Bag, Go” app on their smartphone.

Customers log into the system by scanning their Kroger customer card. The app lets shoppers scan each item’s barcode and keeps a running tally of each item’s price and the total amount purchased. It also will tell you of any coupons available although you will need to have a Kroger person to scan and approve them.

Items priced by weight are taken to a wi-fi connected scale after scanning a barcode on the price label. Items priced by number purchased are priced by entering the appropriate number.

Using the app requires connecting to the in-store wi-fi system called “Kroger Guest.” It is an open wi-fi signal that doesn’t require a password.

Kroger bringing its no-cashier ‘Scan, Bag, Go’ system to some central Ohio stores in March

Waiting in checkout lines at the grocery store is so 2017.Kroger is bringing its Scan, Bag, Go system, which eliminates waiting in checkout lines, to some of its central Ohio stores in March.Scan, Bag, Go allows customers to shop as they normally would, but scan and bag items as they go around the store with either a wireless, hand-held scanner or with their mobile phone.

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