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Oldest Westerville House Damaged In Wind Storm

Oldest Westerville House Damaged In Wind Storm

New Owners Hadn’t Yet Moved Into The Gideon Hart House

Jefferson Barlew took a call from the painter he’d hired to touch up the interior of the 1820 Gideon Hart House he and his wife, Laurie Greco, bought less than a month ago and had yet to move into. The house is the oldest in Westerville and on the National Register of Historic Places.

The painter was inside the house during Monday’s wind storm and reported to Barlew that one of the large maple trees in his front yard had split and fallen into the house.

Barlew discovered on his arrival that the damage was less severe than he’d imagined with damage limited tonally three locations on the house.

The end of the fallen limb toppled one of the two chimneys in the house.  A section of it pierced the roof into the attic and fell across the front portico breaking it away from the house.

The work crew cleared away the tree in several hours finishing the job just as a crew arrived to begin weatherproofing the damaged areas.

The house was built by Gideon Hart on 380 acres of land granted to his father who fought in the Revolutionary War.

Barlew said he was keeping most of the timber from the limb for use in the fireplace after it’s chimney is repaired.





Workers clear a maple tree that fell onto portions of the Gideon Hart house on Hempstead Road in Westerville. The house, built in 1820, is the oldest house in Westerville and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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