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Pasquale’s new restaurant opens

Pasquale’s new restaurant opens

Opens three months after Uptown closing

Catherine Francisco carries pizza and paninis to customers

Catherine Francisco carries pizza and paninis to customers

Pasquale’s opened a new restaurant on West Schrock Road just three months after closing the Uptown Westerville where for more than 30 years the francisco family served pizza, spaghetti, stromboli, and great Italian food to several generations of city residents.

The decision to close the original restaurant was difficult for owner Jim Francisco who, with his wife, Sylvia, worried about their regular customers who would no longer be able to sit down for their favorite meals and enjoy the conversation of servers who had become family friends.

Francisco now says the smaller restaurant is a blessing and a way for him to expand his take-out and delivery services. There is also a new group of customer who find the strip center location more convenient with parking available directly in front of the restaurant.

He says some of the medical staff at nearby St. Anne’s Hospital walk over or park their cars in the office building directly behind the restaurant and walk an even shorter distance. His first lunch service saw a collection of many of his original customers and new diners learning about the menu.

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