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The Road Report – May 8, 2017

State and Schrock nears completion

Under the watchful eye of two other workers, a worker uses a jackhammer to drill a hole in the sidewalk for a signpost on West Schrock.

The last two weeks have shown significant progress in completing the nearly two years of work rebuilding the State Street and Schrock Road intersection and roadways.

New landscaped medians were installed north of the old intersection at Westerville Square and Westerville Shopping Center. The shopping center exit continues to be right turn only for southbound traffic. Northbound State Street traffic needs to exit onto eastbound Schrock Road to get onto State.

The median north of the new intersection on north State is almost complete needing only the brick surface installed. 

The new intersection with traffic signals is not yet complete because Westerville Shopping Center and Starbucks property owners have yet to agree on plans for the roadway that will lead from their properties to the intersection.

Plans for the roadway and intersection began more than three years ago with construction drawings showing the revised entrance to the shopping center and Starbucks. Until the owners agree on a plan shoppers will continue to have restricted access to the shopping center and Starbucks.

City Web Site

Please check the Westerville State and Schrock Improvements page for its latest information about what is planned in the area for the next several weeks. It also has a map of traffic patterns during that same period.

Smothers Road Bridge gets new decking

Thanks to relatively friendly weather, construction on the new Smothers Road bridge is progressing on schedule. Workers began this week installing steel plates that will make up the forms for the concrete deck that will be the new bridge surface.

The only part of the bridge that remains from the original design are sections of the concrete pilings used to support new steel beams. Everything else is new.

Welders and steelworkers continue to work on the east end of the bridge completing the superstructure of steel that will support the deck.

Workers place steel forms atop the beams that make up the support structure for the new Smothers Road bridge over Hoover Reservoir.
Workers place steel forms atop the beams that make up the support structure for the new Smothers Road bridge over Hoover Reservoir.
Workers place steel forms atop the beams that make up the support structure for the new Smothers Road bridge over Hoover Reservoir.
A welder attaches support structures to the beams for the new Smothers Road bridge over Hoover Reservoir.

Sunbury Road closed and lowered

A surveyor measures elevations where earthmover are being used tom lower the level of Sunbury Road by as much as 20 inches in this phase of rebuilding the roadway from County Line to Maxtown Roads.

A week after closing southbound Sunbury Road contractors are busy using earthmovers to lower sections of the new road by almost two feet and filling in lower areas with the removed dirt.

The completed roadway will be wider with turn lanes and an additional lane for traffic.

Also new is a bike path on the east side of the road that will connect to Red Bank Park and the new bike path along Maxtown Road. The old roadway had small bike lanes but they were so narrow and the road so heavily traveled that most bike riders avoided that section of Sunbury Road.

The new path will also connect to a new path that leads from Sunbury to the small park adjacent to the Smothers Road bridge.


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