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Road Report – Oct. 26, 2016

Left turn arrows at State and Schrock

Striping and turn signal markings

Laying asphalt on State Street street is complete after the contractors worked overnight to make final repairs to the underground utilities. However, there is still one layer to be added when the rest of the State Street corridor work is completed. The top layer is designed for traffic impact with the layers installed this week as a stronger and more porous layer for better weathering.

City Web Site

Please check the Westerville State and Schrock Improvements page for its latest information about what is planned in the area for the next several weeks. It also has a map of traffic patterns during that same period.


Underground electric connected

electric-workers-2016-10-25-18413.jpgThe city also began connecting businesses along Schrock Road to the new underground utilities. When complete the utility poles on State and Schrock will be removed and the only overhead structures remaining will be traffic signals and streetlights.

The connection is happening as quickly as possible to make it possible to complete laying new storm drains along a section of Schrock that requires the removal of utility poles to accomplish. As long as the poles remain the street will be closed. City electric crews have been working day and night shifts to complete the installation.


otterbein-ave-road-construction-iphoneography-10-24-16-18389.jpgOtterbein half-paved

The section from Walnut to Park Street has its first layer of asphalt, new sidewalks on the west side, and homeowners have new driveway connections making Otterbein Ave. almost halfway complete. Next in the plan is to complete the rebuild of the roadway from Park to College so it can be covered in asphalt.

Reminder that Otterbein Ave. is closed although the contractor tries to allow access to residents who need to get to their homes. It is not open to normal traffic . Traveling on Otterbein is not recommended as it has numerous hazards such as exposed pipes, unmarked holes, and heavy equipment moving through the project.

Find a better way to your location than traveling on Otterbein  Ave.


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Former newspaper and Associated Press photographer. Instructor at Westerville Center for Photography. Owns SmallTown Stock, the Reasonably Rights Managed stock photo agency. Founder and Director for The American Scene Project, a heritage project dedicated to exhibiting and preserving photography of everyday American life.

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