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Joey needs a service dog.

Joey is an 11 year old boy from Westerville, Ohio affected by both autism and epilepsy.
A service dog from Paws 4 Ability could be a lifeline for Joey.

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Meet Joey!

joey-service-dog-1Joey is an 11 year old boy from Westerville, Ohio. He loves all things Disney, Pixar, and Nickelodeon. He has many favorite character figurines and plush toys that he enjoys pretending with. Joey likes playing on his iPad, reading books, swimming, watching TV, and using his imagination. He is very dear to many people, especially his parents, grandparents, and 4 older siblings.  He has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh every day.

Joey also has his challenges. He is affected by both autism and epilepsy.

 He has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder since he was 3 years old. He experiences a lot of sensory overload when we try to get Joey to go anywhere in the community. Restaurants, parks, stores, and even school can be very overwhelming for Joey when he is around loud noises and crowds of people. He suffers a great deal of anxiety when he knows he is going to be leaving his home and into the community. Joey will often try to elope an area, hide in the car, or even cry out and scream. He feels comfort in wearing headphones, which allows him, most times, to accomplish tasks that provoke these behaviors.

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Gary Gardiner

Former newspaper and Associated Press photographer. Instructor at Westerville Center for Photography. Owns SmallTown Stock, the Reasonably Rights Managed stock photo agency. Founder and Director for The American Scene Project, a heritage project dedicated to exhibiting and preserving photography of everyday American life.

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