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South State Street Starbucks To Get New Entrance

South State Street Starbucks To Get New Entrance


Westerville Planning Commission approved plans for a new entrance to service customers at the Starbucks on South State Street. The changes will eliminate the bottleneck and illegal u-turns that have plagued the company since South State Street and Schrock Road were rebuilt last year. A new median blocked direct entrance for northbound traffic and customers leaving were not allowed to turn left.

The new driveway eases traffic flow at the old entrance and creates a new rear entrance.

Customers shopping for caffeine will enter Westerville Shopping Center at the signaled intersection that services Walmart and the shopping center. They will travel west in the parking lot beside Panera to the new entrance at the rear of Starbucks.

The open area behind Starbucks will be converted into a parking lot. A new rear entrance from the lot will be built in the existing building. The drive-thru canopy will be removed and updated ordering signage and electronics will be installed at the drive-thru.

Southbound customers will be able to use the existing driveway for entrance and exit. Northbound traffic will use the signaled intersection at the shopping center to access the new drive-thru at the rear of Starbucks.

The interior of the building will not be changed with the exception of the new rear entrance.

During construction, customers will be allowed to use the shopping center parking lot.

A completion date for the project has yet to be announced.

Link to PDF of plans.


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