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State Street bricks revealed in City Hall courtyard construction

A small section of red bricks is exposed along the curb in front of city hall.

A small section of red bricks is exposed along the curb where contractors began demolishing part of the roadway for a bumpout as part of the renovation and expansion of the courtyard in front of city hall.

Several sections of State Street still have what is believed to be the original brick beneath the newer asphalt surface.

The bricks along State Street in Uptown are thought to be the roadway when trolley cars were used for transportation to and from Columbus. (Westerville Trolley History)

Recent tests to determine the quality and depth of the roadway below the asphalt showed brick in the center of the street near State and College.

Previous waterline work near the CVS Pharmacy at State and Walnut also exposed a layer of brick.

Contractors at State and Schrock also found brick during the upgrades at the intersection and at the Dempsey Road-3C upgrade.

Little, if any, of the brick, is saved during construction. Most are hauled away to be recycled along with the concrete or asphalt layer that covers them. Large expanses of brick removed when the top layer of asphalt is cut away by milling equipment are typically hauled to a dump.


City Hall courtyard construction

The Courtyard

The new courtyard removes the large planter at the center replacing it with open seating, a brick open space, increased landscaping, a performance space near the front door of city hall, and the bumpout at State Street that is designed to make it safer for pedestrians to cross the street. (More Information)

The courtyard is expected to be finished in time for dedication during Midnight Madness on the Fourth Friday of October. Early planning has the ceremonies set for 6 p.m., Oct. 27. (Related Story)

A sculpture interpreting Westerville’s history as a primary factor in the prohibition movement is planned for a corner of the courtyard. (Related Story)


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