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Uptown Streetscape planning timeline

Uptown Streetscape planning timeline

Received the following email from Mike Heyeck, Chairman of the Westerville City Council.

The letter details the timeline for streetscape planning meetings and discussions.

Letter from Mike Heyeck

City Council will consider the 2019 Uptown Options in March 2018 as follows. Please feel free to share with your constituents. I wanted to let you know as soon as practical for your planning and communications purposes.

I will ask City Staff to post information on so you can track current information. City Council and City Staff desire a fully open process on this critical issue as has been our practice. I am writing to you on City Council’s behalf. If there are any changes, I will let you know.



  • March 5th, 7pm (Monday)  – City Staff will present the Uptown Options at the end of City Council’s regular meeting as Additional Business. This will include input to date. This information will be posted ahead of the March 13, 2018 public input session. (NOTE: The March 6th regular meeting date changed to March 5th because Governor Kasich scheduled his last State of the State address at Otterbein’s Cowan Hall on the 6th at 7pm.)
  • March 13th, 7pm (Tuesday) – PUBLIC INPUT SESSION City Council will have a work session dedicated solely to public input on the topic. We will start again with City Staff’s posted presentation of the options for the audience, take public input (3 minutes per person), then City Council will discuss options with City Staff in that open meeting.
  • March 20th, 7pm (Wednesday) – City Council will direct staff by consensus (minimum of four consenting) regarding the selected option to pursue for design and engineering. This will take place at the end of the regular meeting agenda as Additional Business.

From a process perspective, design and engineering will determine feasibility and costs. Council then would act on appropriations and bids formally as appropriate closer to the 2019 construction. Note, the design and engineering phase may cause some modifications of the chosen option if feasibility and costs are prohibitive. I will try to keep you informed, but please check with City Staff or me or any City Council member if there is information that seems contrary to your understanding.

Aside: With a new City Engineer and other changes such as a new Traffic Engineer, City Staff is performing a construction management review with City Council’s consent at our April capital projects review meeting on Saturday, April 7th (8am-Noon) at the Electric Division, 139 E Broadway. The intent is to review past lessons learned to improve communications with citizens and businesses on construction. While this is an ordinary lessons learned process, it will have good context for the 2019 Uptown Project.

If you have questions, please let me know.

Mike Heyeck
Chairman, Westerville City Council

Link to previous Uptown streetscape stores onwestervilleOH.IO

Editor’s Note: The email has been formatted for the web to include bullet points.

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