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Westerville considering plan to create justice center

Westerville considering plan to create justice center

Westerville’s police department and mayor’s court could be moving out of City Hall to the suburb’s south side.Officials presented plans Tuesday to purchase a two-story office building at 229 Huber Village Blvd. that would be renovated to house some of the operations and adjacent land at 249 Huber Village Blvd.

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Gary Gardiner

Former newspaper and Associated Press photographer. Instructor at Westerville Center for Photography. Owns SmallTown Stock, the Reasonably Rights Managed stock photo agency. Founder and Director for The American Scene Project, a heritage project dedicated to exhibiting and preserving photography of everyday American life.


  1. Jeremy

    So, I was looking to see if the City was moving forward on this. I couldn’t find anything. However, I did see on the auditors site that the City of Westerville bought the building back in August. I guess they are moving forward?

    • Gary Gardiner

      There has not yet been an official public pronouncement that the sale is complete but I’ll ask next time at city hall.


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