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Wetlands off the beaten path

by | Apr 2, 2016 | Photos, Places, Westerville Guidebook

Hidden treasure

Just south of County Line Road lies one of the hidden treasures of Westerville wetlands.

Although small and hidden from view by a large stand of trees and rows of houses, this small marsh holds a variety of habitat for everyone from bird watchers to toad touchers.

The easiest access is from Quince Ct. where the city built access points into the split rail fence that surrounds the land. Make sure to take you waterproof boots or waders if you plan on venturing away from the grass paths around the wetlands. It is very much a wetlands with a mucky bottom and shoe ripping suction if you step in the wrong place.

Go early in the morning to watch as the sun strikes the trees along the western shore. Later in the day during the summer there are plenty of red-winged blackbirds in the cattails that populate the eastern side.

The pond appears to simple percolate underground along the southern edge which may help to explain where some of the feed for Boyer Nature Preserve comes from.

As soon as it warms up plan on taking a blanket for a picnic. Remember to respect the neighbors who live next to the wetlands. Take away your trash and any you find that may have been left by someone or washed into the pond by a summer deluge.

Take your camera. There will be something you will want to photograph. Let us know about your experience.

Hidden wetlands treasure.

Hidden wetlands treasure.

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