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Category: What’s Happening in Westerville

What's Happening in Westerville
A Daily Calendar

Whats Happening In Westerville

A Daily Calendar

What Would Westerville Do? Saturday, April 21, 2018

The best thing about the day is it finally Spring! Perfect weather for Earth Day. You can get your hands, feet, and clothes dirty in Sharon Woods, Galena, and a few other dirty places. However, you don’t need an organized group to participate in Earth Day. After all, it is your personal address. Third rock from the Sun. Take time to clean up your neighborhood, or your neighbor, or clean up after your neighbor’s dog. Or, take your neighbor or’s dog on a 5K run. Then head over to Sharon Woods and plant a tree. End the night stargazing and pondering the tiny insignificance of your role in the universe. Is that too existential?

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