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Canvas Church New in Westerville

Canvas Church, led by Pastor Tim Walk and his wife, Kelly, begin a life of faith services this Sunday at 939 South State Street in the Oakstone Academy building.

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Great year for acorns

It would be near impossible to catalog all the great acorn populations this year in Westerville. Perhaps next year we should have a day

Wetlands off the beaten path

Although small and hidden from view by a large stand of trees and rows of houses, this small marsh holds a variety of habitat for everyone from bird watchers to toad touchers.

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My Final Photo
If I died in my sleep, this was it.
A Photo A Day Since November 15, 2004 by Gary Gardiner

My Final Photo. A photo a day since Nov. 15, 2004. If I died in my sleep, this was it.


My Final Photo

My Final Photo - If I died in my sleep this was it

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