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Westerville considering plan to create justice center

Westerville’s police department and mayor’s court could be moving out of City Hall to the suburb’s south side.Officials presented plans Tuesday to purchase a two-story office building at 229 Huber Village Blvd. that would be renovated to house some of the operations and adjacent land at 249 Huber Village Blvd.

Training Future Firefighters

Westerville firefighters help cadets run through tactical training beginning with arriving at a fire, rescuing an injured person, and clearing the scene before their final exams. My Final Photo for June 4, 2018.


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Westerville Police

PhotoCamp Westerville

Chilling photography advice – PhotoCamp Ohio – Video – Photo Gallery

It's always a risk shooting at temperatures near zero degrees. But, the ice is frozen enough that you can walk onto the pond. Yep, I did it. If you've committed to making A Photo A Day and the weather turns frigid, what can you do to make it easier to shoot? Batteries, gloves, and no fear are the best tools.


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