Dicarlo’s Closed

DiCarlo’s Pizza, presenting Ohio Valley pizzas, has closed, permanently. Restaurant owner Sarah Carlson offered some of the reasons the store closed in her comments to a Facebook post at Life in Uptown Westerville.

DiCarlo’s Pizza, a regional style of pizza that originated in the Ohio Valley, is known for its unique preparation that sets it apart from other styles of pizza with its distinctive crust and cheese placement. Typically, the pizza is prepared on a square or rectangular tray and is composed of a thin, crispy crust.

The cheese is applied after the pizza is baked, so it’s not melted into the sauce. Instead, it’s placed in chunks or slices on top of the baked crust, and then the hot pizza is topped with cold, fresh tomato sauce.

An owner of the building that hosted DiCarlo’s says the franchise holder has expressed interest in taking over the space.

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