Edge Adventure Park to Open in 2025

A new adventure park called Edge Adventure Park is set to open in 2025. The park, which is still in the conceptual phase, will be located within a 10.5-acre wooded ravine between Vesper Way and Cleveland Avenue. The city of Westerville is putting up $2 million with an additional $300,000 coming from a state grant.

The park’s genesis dates back to 2012, when city officials were putting together the PROS (parks, recreation and open space) master plan. Several projects were identified within the plan, including expanding the city’s trail system and community center, enhancing access to waterways, and creating signature spaces in every park. With most of those items now complete, Edge Adventure Park is the next project on the list.

The park will feature a canopy walk, adventure play courses, trails and a connection to the Alum Creek Trail and Westar development. While concepts are still being discussed and refined, the goals are already quite clear. The city officials aim to get people into nature to experience it and appreciate it more, and then they’re more willing to help preserve it.

Another key goal is economic development. City officials understand that growing the workforce within Westerville means offering an attractive environment that includes recreational experiences and opportunities. Edge Adventure Park could also dial up Westerville’s attractiveness as a local tourism destination.

The site is located along the western bank of Alum Creek in Delaware County. Discussions are underway about improving accessibility to the park’s site. At some point, the city envisions a pedestrian connection somehow, whether that’s through a bridge perhaps.

Edge Adventure Park is going to be one of those crown jewels with the idea that people come into Westerville to have an experience, and hopefully it’s something that the region adopts as a place to go. The park aims to attract visitors to Westerville and boost the region’s economy.

In conclusion, Edge Adventure Park is an exciting new project for Westerville. With its unique features and beautiful location, it has the potential to become a crown jewel for the region. The park’s opening in 2025 will be eagerly awaited by both locals and visitors alike.


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