Brad Robbins Bengals Hopeful Kicker

Westerville South punter Brad Robbins, center in Michigan shirt, is flanked by teammates after signing papers that will take him to Michigan for his college football career.

The Cincinnati Bengals suffered a tough loss in the AFC Championship game to the Kansas City Chiefs last season. One of the factors contributing to the defeat was a poorly hit punt.To address the issue, the Bengals selected Brad Robbins, a rookie punter out of Michigan, in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Robbins, who hails from Westerville, OH, and attended Westerville South High School, has a solid track record as a directional punter with excellent hang time.

He is expected to beat out incumbent punter Chrisman for the starting position on the team. With Robbins on board, the Bengals hope to improve their special teams performance and make a run for the Super Bowl this year.

Brad Robbins: The man, the mustache, the legend

The rookie is hoping to supplant Drue Chrisman as the Bengals punter in 2023.